Valio Image Bank Terms of use

The terms of use shall be applied to the utilisation of the Valio image bank service (hereinafter Image Bank) provided by Valio Ltd (hereinafter Valio). The Image Bank contains image materials, which are protected by copyright, trademark rights and other immaterial rights. These terms concern the use of and registration for the open access Image Bank.

Valio Image Bank offers its users the opportunity to employ Valio images and trademarks (hereinafter image material) stored in the Image Bank, in the marketing and advertising of Valio products, in advertisements, or other contexts related to Valio’s business operations. The user shall see to it, with regard to any image material copied, stored or used by them, that the publication thereof does not infringe on any third party or breach the right of ownership, copyright or other rights of any third party, and is not contrary to the law or good conduct. The user is not entitled to modify Valio’s registered trademarks, the Valio logo or other Valio brand symbols.

Some of the image material in the Image Bank can be used without possessing a username and password. The use of the larger Image Bank requires a username and password. The user shall be responsible for safeguarding their username and password. The password is user-specific and/or legal entity-specific, and must not be given to another person and/or legal entity. Prior to registration, the user shall be obliged to submit to Valio the required information in its correct form. The user shall be obliged to notify Valio without delay regarding any changes in that information.

Valio has the right to prohibit the use of the Image Bank and rescind the right to use the larger Image Bank by notifying the user thereof. Valio also has the right to use in its own records the information provided by the user, and Valio undertakes to protect the privacy of registered users as required by the Finnish Personal Data Act. Valio has the right to modify the Image Bank, its content, availability, terms of use, and requirements set for the hardware required for its use.

The user understands and accepts that they utilise the Image Bank at their own risk. Valio does not guarantee uninterrupted and timely access to the Image Bank, securely and faultlessly. Neither does Valio guarantee that the image material will meet the user’s expectations. Furthermore, the user understands and accepts sole responsibility for damage incurred to their information systems or loss of data caused by downloading image material from the Image Bank.

Valio shall not be responsible for direct, indirect, random or specific damage (including loss of income, goodwill, earnings or information, loss of income from interest, loss of profit, or other financial loss) resulting from (a) the use of the Image Bank or image material; (b) unavailability or delayed access to the Image Bank or image material; or (c) faults in the Image Bank or image material.

The Image Bank user accepts the terms of use and undertakes to comply with them. If the user has any questions concerning the terms of use, further information is available by e-mail from

The terms of use and the relationship between the user and Valio shall be governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes shall be resolved according to Finnish legislation in the general court of first instance.